I used to spend a lot of time gaming, largely because it distracted me from whatever was bothering me. But for nearly a week now, I haven't wanted to play anything at all. Just today, I managed to do the following with my time:

Edit 3 photos and upload 1 to deviantART
Create a background (also uploaded to deviantART)
Finish Small Favor by Jim Butcher
Begin knitting a scarf

Now, the photos are nothing special and I'm not sure I want to upload them as is. I don't think I did the background right either since I set the size according to what is apparently the most popular computer screen size but I think it ended up as an entirely different size. =/ Thus far, I've only learned how to use Photoshop, Bridge, and InDesign, Illustrator is a whole new beast.

I decided to make my first background based on Twilight since it's such a popular franchise and it managed to get added to someone's collection so that's not bad. I figured that it might get me a little more attention than adding something totally random that almost no one has heard of would.

The image I put up was favorited as well and I know that if I stick with it, I'll likely add more photography pieces than anything else.

I'm not sure the scarf will turn out very well but I'm going to try to stick with it this time. I just finished working on it and it really calmed me down. I'm actually tired and it's not even midnight!

I suppose you could say that I was somewhat productive today, all things considered. I feel that much more determined to get my own Canon camera and take some great shots. My Dad indicated that he'd get one for me but then he picked on me for not having the money myself. Keep in mind that he turned right around and offered free football tickets to my older half brother and his wife…$400 tickets! For nothing! And knowing him, he would have paid for their meals during the trip, too.

Oiy, being the only girl really doesn't help me much. -,-

I haven't brought the topic up since then and I've been planning on getting a job during the school year to pay for it instead. I'm scared because I'm easily overwhelmed but I think I need to do this for myself. As stupid as it may sound, I get a pretty good amount of pleasure simply out of knowing that I am planning on getting a job and that my Dad doesn't know yet.

I'm also excited about getting a keyboard cover and a snap-on laptop case! Both pink! 😀 I'm not sure if Dad will charge me for them when they arrive but I'm psyched because I love my computer and, thus far, it's in pretty good shape so I'm looking forward to protecting it further still.

I think while I'm still tired I'm going to try to rest. 🙂


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