my fears, my dreams, me hopes

                                             they are what make me

                                              but they are not always

                                             as they seem to be!


                                             i am let down time after time

                                             as my fears become reality

                                            my dreams are shattered

                                           and my hopes wew never there


                                           my fear of betrayal

                                          of being alone

                                         is beneath the surface

                                         waiting to come forth


                                          my dreams of a perfect life

                                         of having it all

                                         become nonexistant when i took my first step

                                          and proceded to fall


                                        my hopes for the future

                                       for having whoever i desire

                                       were not there

                                       because i recieved no desire in return


                                    why does life

                                   seem to have a way

                                    of letting you down

                                    on each and every day?


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