I accept that the following can’t be fixed by me.

– making everyone wear masks in stores

-having a less grumpy work from home husband

-political climate in the United States

-grumpy people

-smokers smoking by stores doors in the winter and making others smell like a ashtray as well even if they don’t smoke

-local employment opportunities improving

-most local peoples attitudes in this small and not open to outsiders town

-the reality that I don’t like my son’s girlfriend  (I don’t wish anything bad for her.  However, he could do better.) She is who she is and I am who I am.   I don’t speak of her at all to him act as though she doesn’t exist.   Live and let live.

– I can’t make his girlfriend wear a mask to protect others from Covid in case she is a carrier with no symptoms.   She has the options to kill her parents and grandmother as a potential covid spreader but she isn’t welcome in our home anymore  or cars due to her selfishness.

I hope that everyone has a healthy and content day! 🌸 🌞


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