I have a confession.   It helps me feel better that the covid-19 virus may result in less extended family gatherings.

Why? Everything seemed fine and my daughter and her former fiancee were about to get married.   She graduated from college and had dated him for five years.  We knew him well we thought and trusted him.  We thought we knew his character.   They signed the lease for a apartment and the rest is ….



Down hill

She would of been …..   They would of been…..  All of it isn’t going to happen.

Holidays can be be times of joy and tradition.

Holidays can also be reminders of loss and triggers for emotional pain.

I just wish the media, commercials, and people with ideal situations didn’t paint it all with a big happy paint brush.

In reality, some people get through the holidays.   Others love the holidays.

If you read this and are also counting down for the holidays to be over, I can relate.

I am missing the young man who we thought we knew well  who will not be sitting at our dinner table for any meal.

Yet, I feel betrayed and hurt about the reality of his character that was revealed.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. giesse 2 years ago

    I can relate quite a bit… Very different situation but similar feelings…

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