This weekend was supposed to be a good weekend. I had finally gotten enough money saved up to where I could replace my entire wardrobe and still have enough money to pay rent, also, my boyfriend had enough money to pay for his half of things as well. Then my grandma died on Friday. I cried, but I thought that a little retail therapy would make me feel a bit better and maybe get my nails and toes done (my grandma loved getting manicures), then I lost my bank card. My boyfriend and I have yet to find it. We deposited the checks into his bank account but since it's the weekend they won't go through until the Monday or Tuesday. So now we can't buy food for lunches, I can't buy clothes (all of my clothes are either too big, full of holes/stains or a combination of both) and don't have money for gas.

We were going to try to just right a check since I got my check book. The thing is, since I lost my card I don't know if I lost it somewhere and someone picked it up. I have the card set up so that you need to use the pin to get any money from the card, unless you go on the internet, but even then I set it up so that once the account hits $0 then that's it, you can't overdraw. We were on the way to the grocery store to try and see if they'll take checks and all and my boyfriend started doing his annoying version of nagging and crap so I just burst into tears. He asked why I was crying over a lost card since he's lost his card 4 times within the past 3 months and then he remembered about my grandma. So he turned the car around and told me that it can all wait until tomorrow. He tried being funny to cheer me up, at first it just made me more upset and then he went to the childish humor and I felt a bit better.

We got home and he tore apart the house again looking for the card then actually put everything back in place (so that it was clean). We still haven't found my card, but his mom owes us $10 from the insurance so we're going to use that for gas tomorrow and then see if I can use checks for groceries and hopefully I'll be able to buy a pair of pants to hold me off until my card is replaced. (all of my pants have a bunch of holes in them)

I don't know why but everything just came crashing down for me when I couldn't find my card. I guess it's good that he took us back home because what he said would probably happen. He said "We're going home, it can wait until tomorrow. I don't want you to walk in there crying, I'll get arrested because people will think that I'm beating you. And if they don't have the chips you want or something you'll probably just start breaking down again *bad inpersonation of me screaming about chips*."

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  1. snowdreamer 10 years ago

    I feel so bad for you it's horrible when everything comes crashing down at once.  It's enough you are already emotional with the passing of your grandmother but then all this happens and your bf makes the worst comments  he could have in a situation like this.  I hope you find your card honey and if you don't it's easy to fix but your emotions aren't easy to fix I wish your bf would be a little easier on you….I hope things turn out good for you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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