Often in times of sadness we turn away from those whom bring smiles to our faces.  This defence mechanism shelters those whom we do not want to see upset or bring down with us because they hold a special place in our hearts.    If we hide our sadness we either end up living in the shadows or deceiving our true happiness.  If we learn to avoid and eliminate our sadness then the sun seems to shine a lot brighter on our lives.   Every single person that comes into your life arrives there for a reason.  The impact that these people have on your life is priceless.  Some people will disappoint you and others will always stay by your side even though you are separated by great distance.   Crying can be seen as tears of sadness or joys.  It is neither a weakness nor strength.  In times of suffering, tears relieve pain.  In times of glory, tears become mute words from surfaced emotions.     Just as a picture protrudes endless representations, a smile is also worth a thousand and one words.  A smile may be true or deceptive.  A devious physical attribute of harmless illusions.   Can genuine happiness truthfully reside without the tempations of depressive emotions that which we have no control over?  Adaptation of our sorrows give us strength to enable the happiness in our lives to conquere our internal and exernal emotional enemies. When people have problems, instead of complaining about it, they need to learn how to take control them.  If you take control of your emotions and dont let your emotions control you than anything that may cause you to pause and think shall eventually fade away.   Those who ask questions usually just need reassurance on their mentality.  Those who seek answers themselves are usually the ones who need to be questioned.   In the end, there really is no end.  Life is a continuing cycle of the good times and the bad.  Through our struggles we learn to appreciate and take values in the lessons we face.   


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