I am not a creative person. I'm not the kind to come up with crazy off the wall ideas. But I am a dreamer. I want the world to be a better place and I want to be a person that helps turn the world in that direction. I'm horribly unable to say things in a quirky way to help relieve pressure off of important conversation. I'm blunt. Close-minded. Not creative. I'm always a little bit "out there" and some people like me for that. Like my family. But others… Like people I meet for the first time, don't seem to understand. Zach likes to call me boring. Which I probably seem to be. How cruel to call someone boring. But, maybe I am… It's confusing when someone tells you that you're something that you don't believe you are. But if someone else is telling you then there's probably others who think the same way. And then I'm caught up in whether I should trust my own opinion or someone elses. I guess it is only an opinion. I might be boring to him, but maybe someone else would find me interesting. Right?

As a child I never really thought there was a difference in people. I also believed that everyone was innately evil. Recently, however, I've come to believe that every single person has something that makes them different, but it's not like a thing we're born with, but instead a thing that's been learned. Our emotions do not define us. Instead, it is our thoughts and the way we materialize those thoughts that define us. But when do we really start thinking for ourselves? We are not defined as individuals when we are children. We are forced to go to school by our parents, and mostly we never really want to go. There comes a time when a person thinks for themselves and makes decisions for themselves. This is when we reach adulthood. But the only difference in a person is where they came from. Because, whether we want to admit it or not, our past defines us. We all strive to be better, and that's what makes us humans. We all want to grow; rise above what we are. We are so complex that it's hard for us to see how fundamentally similar we all are. Politics and philosophy will never be an exact science. People will always be different in some way because we were all raised differently and we all learn differently.

That's all my thinking for the day. I'm honestly addicted to thinking. If I don't think at least once a day then I go crazy! And I hate being around people that obviously never think. And the sad thing is… I live with people that don't seem to ever think! That's my boyfriends family. yep.

Peace out friends <3


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  1. thistle 11 years ago

    hey aspire,the fact that you have conversations about ideas puts you in an elite group.Very few people,onthe whole, think/talk on that level.If you notice,most conversation is about  people ,events(the weather,etc.,)celebrities/gossip/sports.   yours,ed

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