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I am sovery happywith my depression meds. The circumstances surrounding my lifekeep getting a bit worse all the time but I am still able to handlethem soooo much better now.I can remember, concentrate, think, I have some energy and I am never suicidal anymore.

I havefinally gottenmy breathing under control. It was reallyrough there for a long time butall the meds have kicked in and I am usedto the altitude now. As long as I keep up with all my meds I should be alright. I sure hopeone of us gets a job withinsurance before I run out of meds!!!!

Iam still having a bit of trouble getting my license. It seems to take forever. Its been 5 weeks now since I sent in the original application. The nursing board sent me a few more requests before they approve my nursing license here and I sent in all they asked for this morning.

I took a cpr renewal class last Saturday because mine had expired. While I was there the instructor and I were talking and he said that they might be able to use more instructors. I would have to take a class to be able to teach but then I could. I wouldnt have to wait for my nursing license to come through in order to make us some money. I am going to call their office once I am done here and see if they have immediate needs for instructors and find out when the next instructor class is. If I could make money at that soon that could be a life saver forus.Therewould not be benefits butat least there would be apay check.

My husband had a good interview but it will likely be two weeks or more before he hears anything. His next interview is two weeks away. His last pay check was last week and it wasnta full paycheck.We do have a small tax return coming this month and enough savings for 3 months of bills. I would feel better if we had a little income. He cant apply for unemployment until he has been off work for a whole month. This week we are going tolist our car, some bookshelves, workout equipment andsome other furniture items that dont really fit in this new house (its a lot smaller than the last one). Hopefully we can sella few things (especially the car and work outstuff). That would help us paybills too.

Yesterday we went to church and its a nice little church. They had a great easter egg hunt for the kids after. The kids were missing their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents in Montana but we still had fun. We watched a movie, ate all day, played games and went for a long family walk in the afternoon. My husband and I tried to make it a fun day for them so they wouldnt be toolonely for our oldtraditions and family.Its been very hard on them. They had to move from everything they knew, and then their Dad loses his job. Itsa bit scary and stressful.He is home everyday and just being here it destroyes their routine. I know that there will be anew routine formed but its just one more change in their lives that havebeen changed so much in the last 6 months.

Its especially hard on my son. We cant afford to let mebe in sports atm. He is taking that quite hard buttrying so hard to not letit show. He really really misses soccer and football and just generally doing some physical team sport. I am hoping to find him somethingas soon as one of us getsa job.


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