Well, the week is past the halfway point now, and will soon be winding down, and my depression/frustration level is rising….

My day has started, and while it has been quiet and peaceful so far, with the music that I'm listening to also "calming and soothing me", I know that shortly (after I finish on the computer here) I will begin the frustrating and tedious process of "working around the apartment" again today. It is SO hard for me to keep up the pace of trying to get this all picked up and cleaned up…it seems like shoveling s**t against the tide, if you know what I mean.

The thought has entered my mind to just start chucking things…making only two piles…keep and throw…and that's it….clean all this once and for all, no matter how painful the process of throwing might be….perhaps I would not have to go through this level of  "purging-stress" or whatever one would call it, AGAIN.

I am not really "ready" or "prepared" to weed out my cds, books, or dvds, but I could get rid of some dishes, perhaps piles of clothing (I am not a "clothes" person, but I do have more than I really need now (since I am disabled and no longer work, etc. I mean, how many "dress" clothes do I need now, etc., and ultimately, I could easily get by with about 6 shirts and pairs of pants, etc., and weed tons of socks, underwear, caps, jackets, etc. and probably end up with everything in one closet instead of 3, plus the shower curtain rod full all the time! (BTW, does this sound familiar to You? How do you deal with this??? Or, how did you deal with this?) My chairs, tabletop, and sofa are all covered with things that I started "sorting, picking over" a month ago, and now I will need to "start over" because it has been so long that I need to "refresh" where I was "at" with it.

If I was to get the place cleaned up, I then would be able to get my computer together, and so I would not have to come down here to the community room to use these ones here…plus I would have complete access to all my files, etc., on my Mac, AND, I would be able to watch my movies etc., on my flatscreen hd monitor, and I also would be able to listen to my music through my system on there, instead of (currently) on my little "boom-box" player, which simply does NOTHING for Beethoven or anything bigger than a rock band, etc.

SO, true to form, I seem to be my "own worst enemy" by not getting all these things done…thereby making my life much more enjoyable and comfortable…and, in addition, the place would be presentable and I could then have COMPANY! Imagine that! People in, to talk to, be with, and share with…..

OK, Folks, I think I need your help here….PLEASE help encourage me to keep at this, and get it done…I really feel like I need you to help me stay focused and on the "forward march" with this to "get R done" as they say!

Wishing everyone a Great Day, and whatever it is that YOU need to DO, I send you my Best Wishes that you "Get It Done" yourself, also!

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  1. bluebuddha 13 years ago

    Hey Greg…I understand what your talking about. I\’m not a hoarder and it doesn\’t sound like you are either. I just have lots of stuff, lots I don\’t need, and things get very unorganized all the time. My family is not great at finding a "home" for everything either. Sure you can do this. The key here is to start small. I think you become overwhelmed by the whole project. Today, (Thursday) pick an area and just see it through. Seperate into keep or goodwill. The things you keep, put away and get a plastic trash bag for the things that you can give to the goodwill. You can do this, and the best part is that when you are done, your going to feel great. I will check with you at the end of the day (when I get home from work) to see how you did. Speaking of work…gotta go…good luck!



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