Well, my O.C.D. is REALLY going now, my post was deleted because of a script error! Well, first off, I wrote that I just got back from my Mom's cousin's funeral. She was very young and my Mom and her were like sisters. I was a paulbearer with my brother. Afterwards we went to an Italian restaurant and I told my brother about my Prozac. He was surprised, then he told me (I knew already from my Mom telling me) that he thought he had O.C.D.

   Well, what else did I say. I can't remember, grrr!!! Well, I can say I am really tired and my O.C.D. is really bad right now, just building up inside of me. I can't even remember why. I've been having lots of memory loss lately. I don't get it. And, it was like this before my post was deleted. I don't think there even IS a reason. And yes, I waited a minute or so to try to remember what was going on, why I was not doing well right now. But, I just decided to add this.

   Tomorrow I have a gig. Should be fun, I am in the house band that plays at an open Blues Jam. I play Harmonica, Guitar, and I sing half the songs or so in the band. Then during the jam I might play drums, or whatever else. I was thinking, I want to get a ring made to signify my O.C.D. One with an Emerald in the middle, then ont he sides, maybe two teal-ish ones to represent O.C.D. then inside my 'official diagnosis' date. My doctor never said I HAD it, because I already knew I diid. But he's treat me. No Prozac today though, tomorrow though. Hopefully it helps. With that ring, I almost made one once with a stone representing purity, no alcohol/drugs, and no self-harm. Didn't, decided I didn't need it. But this one I want to make would mean so much more. Well, I'm tired and rambling so I am going to finish this short, ONCE again. This time I am going to copy it to make sure. Also, if anyone has ever done Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I would like to try it. If you have done it and you would like, please post a comment or message me and tell me how it was and if it helped you at all. See you guys on the board, shout box, commens, chat, or wherever else soon 🙂







   P.S. It was in my original post, but I am strangely happy. Maybe Content? Yeah, That's it.

   P.S.S Well, I guess you're not aloud to have many words in the Music thing. So I just put None, but my Mom is listening to some Country Radio. Well, my O.C.D. will be up because of a deleted blog; I'll get over it.


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