Just at work, sort of swaying because of exhaustion. I'm not doing a lot with my life right now and school is out in a few days. How can I be so tired? Depression has dulled my senses through to finals week. I'm grateful for all of the encouragement I have received from friends -new and old – and family as well. It's just…I keep having these nagging guilt trips of the mind.

I hope this medication works sooon. It probably won't show its ability to help me out until after the finals are done.

It's a good thing I guess that I won't even be doing most of them. I've had to let my classes drop on the wayside except for choir and all that. Depression. You BITE.

Time to structure something and force myselof through it somehow. I need plenty of time to rest and relax. I need rest. I need to take care of myself, despite not even wanting to…at all. B ut structure is key to helping me out of all of this.

I'm just tired. Trying to be supportive for my best friend who is likewise struggling. My discouragement poorly impacts her own depression. It's a bad thing when we're both like this for months at a time.

Hm. In time. Lol. So exhausted. I can't wait for the next hour and a hlaf to be done so Ican go home.

I will be rallying and focusing my energy over the next few days if I can. I have a Japanese conversation thing to prepare.

I have a bunch of songs to memorize and everything. Hrmz.

And I have to email all of my professors to give them an update as to what has b een going on. Unfortunately some of them don't have a clue and with my phone disconnected, I haven't been able to do a thing….I feel so irresponsible when it comes to this stuff sometimes. I know it's mostly depression effects and exhaustion.

Oh, and the travel channel is making me hungry. I should go ome and make something delicious.



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