I can only write poetry when i’m sad. I tell this to all my friends.

I found romance online with a handsome Irish POZ, we became very romantic and he came to the Philippines. He stayed with me for 2 days and 2 nights. We were so happy. He had to leave. I wrote a poem on the train home after we parted.

It ends.

My one day love affair is done.

I never thought you’d really come.

You came.

We met.

We hug.

We kiss.

We laugh.

We did things only lovers do.

It ends.

You go.

I wished you’d never have to leave.

I laugh.

I frown.

I sub.

I cry.

My Irish luck have said goodbye.

Apparently it’s not good bye at all. He’s back in Bangkok and we plan to meet and spend Valentine’s together.


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