For every action there is a reaction, as in the laws of physics’

we can apply this dynamic to all areas of our daily lives!


To give of ourselves we create room within to receive,

hence what we give we will receive.


To give love we will receive love;

To give friendship we will receive friendship


And alternately to give anger, we will receive anger

While to cause sorrow we will in turn receive sorrow.


In some way or form our action is reciprocated by an equal reaction.


It is equally important to cleanse ones Inner spirit by letting go of the negative sentiments

and emotions like hate, anger, resentment, guilt we can do this through acceptance and forgiveness.


We now create room for the positive sentiments and emotions, love, joy, compassion,  understanding, peace.


To understand ,balance and practice these dynamics will ultimately bring us the love

We seek, the friendships we thrive on and fill our spirit  with joy and peace.


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  1. wide4u44 15 years ago

    The gift of life, is truly a gift ,how we choose to define this gift is our choice and our choice alone ! As with any gift recieved we do not bestow its content,its value,or its life time,we do however accept it or return it! Yes sure life shits on us but you do have the choice to revel in it or clean it!

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