My client has come up with a way of killing pathogens in the human body.  It is comprised of less that a dozen items that can be purchased at a WAL*MART super center, or equivalent retail outlet, for less than thirty dollars. This 'all-natural-treatment' is consumed over about a two hour period.  With in 24 to 36 hours, Depression, and most other Mental Diseases are gone. Cured.

    The same treatment will kill HIV, HERPES, HPV, and probably all viruses in the human body, that it can get to.  It does not effect viruses in the spinal column, however. 

     He came to me to find out what problems he may encounter in trying to sell this 'Intellectual Property' to interested parties.  He is considering: Casinos might have a 'MEDICINE MAN CLINIC' next to every Casino, for people to stop in and get a two-hour treatment, or up to a five-hour treatment. Native American reservations, could have a clinic on each reservation.  All though this would be on reservation property, local people, or tourists could 'stop in' for the 'all-natural-virus-killer-treatments' and of coarse, when they left, they would have billions of dead viruses in their bodies. 

     He also has an email ready to be sent to Michael Moore ('Sicko' the documentary) suggesting that Mr. Moore considers doing Sicko-II, which would be a similar documentary only 'zeroing' in on the Pharmaceutical Cos. and showing how they never cure anything.  Then he could show my clients treatments, and how cheap they are, and how they are done, where to get the materials, etc.  He's also suggesting that Mr. Moore, does some antibody testing to see what anti-bodies he has in his blood, and then does a couple of my clients 'super-duper-virus-killer-treatments' then test his blood and see which anti-bodies are no longer there.  Then do some more testing to see what, if any, effect it had on his Diabetes, as my client has not been able to do any research on Diabetes, but he does believe it is caused by a virus that his treatment would kill in the human body.

     He certainly is searching for 'Fame and Fortune', just like a lot of people, but he is just checking out what's available, and what he may consider.  We certainly realize that there are a lot of Pharmaceutical Cos. and all making money on various diseases, and their profits may in some way be affected if my clients treatments are available to the public, and if they really are as effective as he thinks they are. He is hoping to get the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine, for his contribution to lowering health care costs for the whole world. 


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