I have to say that today for the most part was not a good day. Probably the best part was just driving around with my boyfriend, he took me to a rocky beach that he really enjoys, I guess it's his special place where he goes to unwind and think and relax and all. But ya…we went to walmart before hand and got some things and while walking back to the car my sandle broke, so that sucked. So instead of going home, he insisted that we just go to his special place, so we went there and I was walking barefoot in the grass, I stepped on a bug and it stung me. It hurt SO bad!! All I know is that it was a big black bug with thick yellow stripes on it. I've never been stung before in my life, so this was the first time. The thing is, it stung my big toe and it's still swollen and it hurts alot. But after I was stung my boyfriend checked my toe and actually sucked on it to get rid of anything that might be in there, it was really gross because when he spit it was green. But ya…the swelling has gone down alot but it's still really swollen, I can't even bend it.

Also, I went out walking to the store at about 8pm and was followed by some drunk black guy that kept asking me if I could give him a discount since it was his birthday…I was a bit pissed when I got home about an hour later because my boyfriend had refused to come with me and started to complain that I'm too clingy. I don't like walking after dark alone because people always ask me 'How much?" the thing is, I don't look like a freaking street walker! I wear pants, shoes and if it's cold a jacket, if it's warm (like tonight) a shirt that covers me. And the thing is, the store is only down the street. I actually walked around the block 4 times hoping that he'd get the hint to leave me alone. The thing is, I told him multiple time "I'm not a f*cking hooker." he wouldn't stop following me and asking me certain questions, so I told him that I have a husband waiting for me at home right now. He didn't get the message.

Also, when I came home and told my boyfriend what happened he just started laughing and saying how it was funny. I didn't think it was funny. The guy following me reeked of alcohol and wouldn't stop following me, how the hell is that funny? Then my boyfriend called me racist because I told him that a drunk black guy was following, um I'm sorry, but I was raised that calling people black was appropreate, if it's not then please tell me and I'll apologize and change what I say. But I honestly don't think that my boyfriend should be telling me what to call people especially since everyone (including him) refer to black people as niggas or the N word, if that's what people expect me to say while I'm here then too bad, I feel bad enough just typing the first word, I sure as hell am not going to say it, let alone the N word. But whatever I guess. Oh! Also, the guy that was following kept saying the N word when he was referring to himself and then reffering to me as cracker, god that just annoys me.

So ya…despite the good things today, the bad things kind of stood out.

Also, I learned something new about my boyfriend, he likes opera. Would have never thought that he liked that.


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