i have changed some views on polotics since the last article i wrote..i realize the democraps and republicans are both full of shit..im done with polotics etcc…..now  my nephew jack who is 5 wanted to hold a bowling ball..it was like 7 lbs,,he said cna i hold it and i placed it in his hands and he let go and it broke my 2 toes…now as for pain meds which i was heavily addicted to its scary taking them but i need to and i can control them,this is partly why im getting my degree in addiction and mental health..addiction is so linked to trauma, isolation etcc..i know some people will dispute it but dont it correct..lol.i was sitting at cvs today waiting for a friend and i was looking kinda studying people as usual..and people all looked the same on the outside..nails done.some had baggy pants done to their butt..some has designer handbags.and for a moment it was kinda like seperation from things..its kinda strange to explain..people actually are told what to wear, whats kool whats not,how to look talk walk screw eat sleep crap etcc..i try not to fit into any category..who says people with ocd etcc are "different' in a bad way ,sometimes i think its in a good way.its nice to be different and not fit into a categories..im rambling but so what.think of bikers.? they decide to enter a category..heavy metal long hair etcc category..flower child category.so we all choose to fit iinto a "category" i wanna believe i dont and i dont socialize much so mabey i dont fit into one,,i like to think i dont.as for biker they jump on motorcycles,,chase and beat up others have a club house..kinda reminds me of children playiing games but with bikes not motorcycles…and one other thing when people write something and this is something i obsess on dont tear it up and analyiize..nothing nice to say "stifel it"


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