Life gives me leemmons, I take them and throw them back when they are rotten, and when they are fresh, I do turn them into leminaide. When I'm thirsty i drink it, When I'm need to I sell the lemmonaide, But mostly I made it, taste it and give it all aways, demonstrating my compation, not my greed.

I wish there was an easy way, a planned path to follow, but in this lifetime there is no such plan or path. I never set out for life to be easy in any way, but when the weight of the world crushes your shoulds and breaks them, there just seems to be just enough weight lifted to ease the suffering till the bones set, not even heal, then once again like clock work the mountain are once again unclimbable. I'm know my limitations with my disabilities and seizures. I go until I can anymore, Then fall down and wake up and go lat it all over again.

Foer every prodject i get my self into, wich is out of need latley, not luxury.

I've been riding my fiances bike all summer, when last winter I had all the best intentions of rebuilding my own and riding the summer away, but as of now I seemed just to ride for travel and haven't had any adventures or fun. Seventy miles a wekk back and forth to work wasn't fun. not out of work once again. I started my bike prodject, while to some may seem petty, and small to me its a large scale endevour. I always eens just as in life to have everything except one or two peices, thus I'm missing just a few pieces to finish what i started. I know people around me personally would have went out and bought a new bike, but I take things from my enviorment and recycle thwem and repurpose them as one should. I just hope my moments of numbness don't add up to a colapse again. I pray this depression doesn't grab ahold of me and shake me till I can't stand once again on my own two feet. I really don't know how to take the many compliments my friends have given me for the things I've done and on how far i've come just over this years, Yes a few things seemed to just fall into place either that I've did learn to make things happen all by myself, half way through my life. I wish beyound anything just to shake this overwhelming feeling that time is running out and I did not do what i was spose to, and its too late, because I know if i continue to think this way again, It will be too late.


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