Hello and welcome to my Anxietytribe page,

Looks like I've managed to deploy successfully so far. Now I'm working towards gradually making that page interesting to visit. I'm a bit caught up in how the whole embed video link code works, where exactly to do it and from which "profile setting" menu to do it from, but I know I'll figure it out eventually – no doubt it's ridiculously easy to do once you figure out that it's nowhere near as complicated as you think it is.

So how am I doing today? Well, this is the fifth day I'm stuck with a flu. So far, it seems to have been the worst flu I've experienced ever. The good news is that my condition seems to be rapidly improving as of this writing. This morning, I've had some rapid mood swings – woke up feeling strangely energetic and kinda happy. Then all of a sudden, that changed into anger and frustration and since sadness.

Fortunately, my spirits have been lifted considerably since I got online, a good deal was thanks to my buddy spinal97 who introduced me to this highly interesting place – thanks man.

I'm currently in the progress of looking for a new job (great timing! What with the economy going all downhill an' all!). I kinda like my current job, but it's low-paid, low-prestige and is wholly unworthy of a man of my considerable intelligence (only took me almost all my life to learn that I was, in fact, a considerably intelligent person).

Much as I hate society's shallow view of what's prestigeous, I seem to have no choice but to abide by this aspect of it, so I need to haul myself together and make the effort to get a job that's more worthy of my capabilities, otherwise I will not evolve as a person, and let's face it: We're here to evolve.

Why does job hunting have to be so damned depressing/frustrating?

Oh well, the plan is for me to get onto the online job pages at some point today and start looking – see if there's anything worthwile out there. Secondly, with my flu having finally being reduced to a point where my eyes aren't running and my head isn't hurting, perhaps I can get back to the operational business of working on some of my 3d models for one of my numerous work-in-progress animation projects.

Looks like I've got stuff to look forward to, no? 🙂


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