You have nothing new to say. No new events took place that day exactly but little things have happened to create a new topic to write about I suppose. So this is my nice little reminder for myself of what is going on as usual. But I’d much rather split things up into little sections instead of giving a whole in depth story paragraph after paragraph.

I’ve discovered this dog training place I had my eye on for training a service dog but they only train for physical disabilities. That was unfortunate. Oh well, I think I’ve found better things.

I found another place a little further away and it looks like they not only can train your dog service dog tasks but they can register them officially as a service dog.

I know I’d like to go the “self training” route because there aren’t any organizations anywhere near me. I feel it’d be the better option.

If I can be qualified for a service dog and all things work out in my favor then I’d like to get a puppy and start training from there because the current dogs I have aren’t up to the challenges or training.

My planned dog is a Boston Terrier. I know a lot about the breed, I’ve done a large amount of research on the breed and the traits/qualities/personalities typically wanted in service dogs and Boston Terriers, though not conventional is exactly what I need. I’ve also experienced the breed first hand as a pet and that’s helpful because I’d know what I’m getting into with the breed.

I’ve found a reputable and professional breeder, yes I need pedigree. I thought about rescue but it is overall, the safer route to go with pedigree. I need to be able to look at the family tree and see about their health. This breeder isn’t extremely far from where I live, I’m surprised I found a place at all in the state I live in. I’ll copy their exact words on health related to their puppies:

“They have had a complete physical, hearts, lung, Patellas etc…. We can provide you with the paperwork. We even start to potty train our Boston Terrier pups before they leave our home. And with our guidance, our pups make an easy transition to their new homes.”

This is excellent. I know they have wait-lists and people can put down a $600 deposit on a puppy, first come first serve in choosing your pup from the liter when they of age to go into a new home. On their site it’s not telling me anything about future liters just that you can contact them. Currently they have two male adolescent Bostons for sale that wasn’t taken from their last liter.

It looks promising but I won’t get my hopes up, I’m willing to walk away if doesn’t feel right. This is very important to get the “perfect” canine that is up to the job.

I know that it will take time still for me to get the ball rolling for getting an evaluation and all that to prove I am qualified for a service dog. Also we don’t have the money so I have to research ways of getting donations. I’ll be applying for disability as well once I have the evaluation proving that I am. This is all just assuming the evaluation will show that I’m as bad off and disabled as I feel I am.

I need to contact the breeder to find out more about their liters, prices, and wait-lists. Also I need to contact the service dog training place and see the details on that. I’m hoping my mom will help me with that. Right about now as a matter of fact so I’ll end it at that. I hope for the best and I continue to push on for more information.


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