wow as of this week i have been undetactable now for 5 years now the doctor says i only have to show once a year i am so happy for this just wish i had my energy back since my heart attack it is drained umoung other things another story for another time but anyway i feel great and ready to get back into the real world with people around me more often i guess things will get better now at least i hope they do thanks to all the support i have had over the years and for the doctors for all their help to bring me back from death when i was diagnosed my t cell was 12 and my viral load was off the charts now viral is at 2 and tcell is almost 800 it was a battle and the pains of all that come with the virus was a great hassle but in the end the battle was worth it too bad it all gets better and the world is gone to hell here in texas it has anyway i think i will move to germany where i know people there and i know the languge maybe a new start is what i need hang in there people life gets better and you can beat this crap i know if i can you can three wars shot once in combat jumping out of airplanes in the army didn’t kill me and bombs blowing up all around me if that didn’t kill me i won’t let a bug kill me either have a happy wonderful life my friends and enjoy every moment of it don’t be afraid to take a chance if we didn’t take chances in life we would still be in the stone age have fun don’t worry so much about death think about the life you have and have fun you deserve it after the battle you have had thus so far kisses and hugs to all my friends


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