1. A few months ago I became part of an online community that was very exciting because there was just so many like minded people there who connected through music. Music is my biggest love and just can’t live without it. Well it soon began to get very stupid and catty and full of trolls. I hate that I have allowed to get caught up in this bull crap. It had really become a place that was very enjoyable but has now turned into a anxiety and anger inducing place. People are so self absorbed and seem so unreal. I have met some amazing people there though and feel terrible that I am going to have to remove myself from there. The aggrevation is just to much. I was in such a bad place when I found this place and when I started participating it was very enjoyable. With the pandemic still going on I am still being very cautious about meeting people IRL and potentially expose myself. But I digress. I just want to sort out and issue and be out of there. I’m sick of people and they negative vibes and drama. I just had to get that of my chest real quick.

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