I don't know how to deal with this. This new apartment is nearly perfect, EXCEPT for the people believe us. Right now, I can smell the smoke of pot perfectly well, and it's causing me to have a head ache. It is a gross smell.

I hate the two students living below us. They were gone for two weeks, thankfully, (due to the Holiday) but upon their arrival, the hell started up again.

They blast their music, mostly hip hop and rap, with their bass being the most annoying thing. It's as though someone is constantly drumming a small drum and it shakes our floor. The sound doesn't bother my boyfriend too much, but it distracts me over and over and makes me very angry and frustrated. I think that they are rude and ignorant kids throwing their little parties in their apartment. I think that it's my OCD which makes this noise particully annoying and distraction. They must use some sort of sound system.

I have already contacted the landlord and I even told him that it may not be their fault (although, would it KILL them to turn their music down passed 11 PM?), and he said he'd give them a note. Last night, they had people over, but they didn't blast the music and I was so happy thinking that maybe they had actually received the note and the hell of their bass music was over. But now it's 10:58 and I can hear the bass and some of the vocal lyrics from my bedroom. I can also hear the other people talking, somewhat very loudly.

Last night, the girl stayed with the guy in his room, and I awoke at 4:30 AM from her giggling. I could hear their talking and it drove me insane. I had to thump on the floor 3 times to get them to stop but it worked, I think. THAT maybe not their fault – it's this building and that old floor. But frig, if they now know I can hear them, KEEP IT DOWN, YOU IGNORANT $#%#@!!!!

But everytime I hear that bass, I have images of myself punching all of their ignorant faces out. Why do they need to put it up so loud? How do the people below them cope?

People here have advised me to go and talk to them, but I do not want to. It causes me anxiety to think of it. I don't want to send my boy down there alone either. They're University students, what do they care? Didn't they think blasting music and throwing parties was a nuisance to begin with? Why should I have to speak with them? And would it kill them to open up more winters if they're going to hotbox themselves?

I want to call the police. If it last passed 12. It effects my sleep and even though I know it's my OCD, why the hell shoudl I suffer? I try to blast my own music over their own, but my lap top can't possible emit any noise back.

It's now past 11 PM and they are still blasting their music. I guess they actually didn't get the memo.

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  1. bluerosie 11 years ago

    I'm sorry.  Sounds awful.

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