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I\'ve reached a fork in the road. I\'ve come so far, but how far can I go. I\'ve got something I\'ve never wanted so bad, but in order to keep it and not lose all that i have, i have to stay strong and not give in to this fog that clouds my mind, even though i feel like death sometimes. but was it destiny that brought me here or just an eternity of fighting my fears, drying my tears, and slowly learning each year from every single experience i had to adhere.

either way no matter what i say or what you think, iife\'s been no picnic and it\'s about to get even rougher in these following weeks. it\'s time to dig deep and pull out some strength cause if i dont, chances are that i wont make it far in this world. emotionally scarred, scared, and my stomach curdles with fright as my brain\'s on overdrive with too many twisted thoughts. i thought i had this life figured out, but without a doubt, i was sadly mistaken. hearts racin as i try and navigate this earth, a hurse is waitin on call if i should happen to fall into this 6 foot hole that i\'ve dug for myself and everyone can be proven right, and laugh and make light cause they knew i didnt have what it takes to survive.

but no matter how hard this sh*t  gets, i know i can hanlde it. cause i dont have a choice, i didnt work so hard and pick myself up time after time, just to fall down this mountain of dreams that i\'m destined to climb. its gonna be a battle and i might fall off my saddle once or twice, but i have to fight for my life. 29 years i\'ve put in, life\'s been hell and its about to get catch fire again, but no matter the weather, i\'m determined to make things better. with so much to live for, fu*k depression and thougths of death, i\'ll win this war inside, with my head held high, cause its time to spread my wings and fly.

i wont fail, no way

no matter what y\'all say

i\'ve got the weight of this world

standin on these shoulders.

life is a blizzard

and it keeps gettin colder.

like a slimy lizzard

who cant catch a fly

i\'m so hungry

but i\'m starvin for life.

correct me if i\'m wrong

but didnt the turtle win the race?

i\'ll look death in the eye,

and spit in its face.

i didn\'t come this far

or drag myself though the desert

and have a semi hit my car

only to miss my shining star.

~will you be there(will you be there)

for my next nightmare.(for my next nightmare)

i know you will (I know you will)

but still i\'m scared.(but still i\'m scared)

please hold me tight(please hold me tight)

all through the night(all through the night)

and our love will grow(and our love will grow)

to unreachable heights(to unreachable heights)

to you i swear(to you i swear)

i will always be there(i will always be there)

just like before (just like before)

I aint going nowhere(i aint goin nowhere)

true happiness(true happiness)

is so hard to find(is so hard to find)

i won\'t let it go(i won\'t let it go)

I\'ll fight to make it last (i\'ll fight to make it last)

and this you know(and this you know)

~like a demon cat(like a demon cat)

that acts so sILLY(that acts so sILLY)

when life gets chilly(when life gets chilly)

we\'ll go to chili and have some chilly(we\'ll to to chili and have some chilly)

…soup that is…

~no nazi\'s allowed

to ban your soup

give me the spoon

I\'ll have ten scoups

and guess what soup man

you\'re evil days are through

you\'ll be in disbelief

when i say…."NO SOUP FOR YOU!….BIT*H!"

come back in…NEVER…hahahahaahaahhhahhahamuhhamauaha



i\'ve got issues(sigh),

and i\'m out….












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