So, group today was so irratating. Some people just well irratate me. By they way they eat or comment on certain things or show how they think they are higher than everyone else. Today in group we were talking how to handle things differently when judge. And yes this vent is going to be judgemental so be prepared. This one person was frustrated because with another group with in the same program went out to eat to burger king. This person had a bunch of coupons and was just handing them out to everyone and taking up other peoples time. Well one coupon she couldnt print from the site so she wrote the number of the couppn down as it told her to do on the website. I dont know if that is true or not and im not sure what the coupn was for. Anyhow, she argued at the cashier who told her she had to physically have the coupon. Then the manager came out and told her the same thing. This woman said fine. She ordered her meal and paid the full total but said she would be talking to corporute. Then I explained sometime they dont have the ability to do what she was asking. And told her that one person complaints about a blerp in the system wasnt going to matter much. I told her someone boycotted, just one person, about them getting rid of chicken fries. Burger didnt care because one customer isnt going to hurt them. Then we were talking about other things some how leading to pregnancy and I said like everyone on else say yeah im eating for. (im not pregnant) they corrected me and said thats not true. I dropped it but i wanted to say the nurtients that you need to keep you and your baby healthy are the amount of what two people might need. that imbicolcord is ment for a lot of things. I didnt argue because they had kids. Sometime people look at me like a non it all. I dont know it all but when it comes to mental illness and peoples behaviors i am very knowledgable about the subject. There are other things like we had to write a non judgmental statement about a person in a picture i said he is wearing a collar and everyone was like who determines what a collar is or isnt and i said every shirt or jacket or sweater or whatever has a collar big or small. Also the person who i was venting about above made herself kind of incharge of all food and sanitation. We basically have to be in hasmat suits to serrve lunch. and she bickers about something if it isnt done right. the staff has actually told her she wasnt allowed to be around the kitchen if she doesnt have kitchen duty that day. This woman bothers me so much. She is probably one of the older women there and thinks she should just recieve respects and she always looks like she is annoyed and shouldnt be in group. that she just sits there because she has to….maybe thats the truth but dont freaking look down on me. you may be other but i can almost guarantee i am a heck of a lot smarter. for the rest of the group well a lot of them learn some eating manners. i dont need to see you eat anapple like a monkey. some people in the group use there mental illness as an excuse to get away with simple manners like chewing with their mouth closed.

Anyhow, my vent is done. Thanks for reading.


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