I pop a pill a day,

to make the pain go away,

I’ll sit and pray,

that i get high off the pain,

I like the dizzy and the spell,

My bodies a pill bottle it’s self,

One two three,

one two three,

give to me,


one two three,

one two three,

set me free,


I pop a pill a day,

and i’ll sit and pray,

the pain goes away,

but it always stays,

lets pop another bottle lets see where this goes?

Will, i survive even the doctors don’t know,

I’m getting really dizzy I’ve fallen to the floor,

an ambulance is coming breaking down the bathroom door,

I’m choking on a bottle in which i’ve become,

the world is getting darker i’m feeling so numb,

Now it’s time for me to go as i close my eyes,

Welcome to hell your dancing with the devil tonight.

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    Beautiful as always i see my chat <3

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