In  light of some future projects that I will be involved in, I am want to – no, NEED to do some research regarding the state of our youth and what they think of HIV/AIDS/STDS.

I posted a brief blog on my other page after viewing a very disturbing video regarding a "man" claiming he has purposely infected at LEAST 1500 women with HIV/AIDS. Sadly, I am not suprised that he is doing it, I am suprised that he feels he is doing a social service. He claims to be teaching young, impressionable BLACK and LATINO women a lesson. He is a predator in black and latino communities. He is playing God in a sense. I've read through some comments on YouTube and viewers are going as far to say that his actions are justified like the main character in the movie SAW. They are soo off base it's not even funny. The characters in that MOVIE had a choice before they did or didn't die. The women this individual is infecting have no clue, no warning. Some would go as far to say that society should be the warning, they should already know better and come into the situation prepared. I partially agree. But the person that is doing this claims his reasons are because his life is fucked up so he chooses to do the same to others. The saddest part of this people, is that he is NOT the only person male or female, gay or straight, young or old that is doing this. He is just the only dumbass willing to put himself out there.


Anyway, due to complications with posting a video here, please click on the link below to view the video and read why I am doing this blog.


Or just go to YouTube and watch this:

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  1. sweetsteph 15 years ago

    i think he is full of crap and just want's attention i agree with wiz

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