Everything I touch breaks into pieces

Mirror, once reflected perfect face

Cracked into pieces

Or burns and disintegrates

Like my hopes and dreams

On a good day

Burn, I burn in this eternal fire

Living hell

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Whom can I trust with this messed up logic?

I've fallen, tired, and starving

My hunger ferocious like a lion

Needs To fuel itself

With whatever my soul can provide

Plus nobody loves me

Even a blind man can see that

My soul cornered, lonely, and cold

Weak and torn from fighting this beast

Am I setting myself up for destruction?

Demons dance around in joy of this fallen child

Praying for my soul

While vultures circle above me

Praying for my body

While I just lay there in disgust

Father of mine, can you hear me?

I can't help it but scream your name

I’m in pain

Please carry me away

Brain slowly decaying mind doesn't seem to function

Because it no longer listens to me

It has a mind of its own

And I am its own worst enemy

Me, who would have thought,

Harmed by many, harmful to me

Harmful to me, harmful to many

And it’s a cycle

Trapped in this whirlpool

And im getting dizzy, slowly drowning

Slowly dying

Maybe it’s the alcohol

But I haven't even drank today

It’s getting hard to concentrate

Maybe its life

Take a look into my eyes

And it looks like I've already died

Inside anguish, pain, bloodstains

On my window pane

Stare outside

I cant see clearly

Through the dust and crows nests

It’s hopeless, I can't even see




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