Today my boyfriend's mom told us that we had to give her our bank cards. The reason? His parents' bank account is currently at $0.00, that includes whatever savings they had. I now know where my boyfriend gets his spending habits from. We didn't give her our bank cards, but I honestly don't even understand how his parents can not have any savings or money. I was taught that when you have money, you save it. He tried to justify his parents by saying that they don't have any money to save. I then brought up the shopping trip to New York that they took and his mom's constant spending. He justified them not having money by saying that the shopping trip to New York was their anniversary trip, they've been married 23 years. I honestly don't understand why they have to go on a shopping trip to New York and bring their kids with them. I asked him why they didn't just do something that didn't cost alot of money.

In my family me and my sisters cook our parents breakfast and dinner on their anniversary and then they go out all day and do whatever, mostly they just go riding on the motorcycle, and then after dinner we all spend the night at someone elses' house to give them a night alone. The total day costs my parents about $50 (gas, lunch, and whatever else). Then usually my dad gets my mom a small piece of jewelry and my mom gets him something for electronics or yard work. But they don't spend alot of money.

I honestly don't understand how someone who is married with kids and middle aged has $0.00 in their bank account. What's funny though is that when everyone heard they all asked how they had $0.00 and blamed it on his mom's constant shopping. How did she repsond? By yelling and cussing at everyone, telling them how it's not their money, and since it's her money she can spend it however she pleases. I don't know, I just find it a bit funny because we're actually paying for more then out half of things and yet her bank account is still at $0 when she isn't even paying for everything on her own.

Basically I just find this a bit amusing because she's constantly asking for more money from us and when we need money she refuses to help, and now she has no money and we can't give her any more money. So I find it a bit funny because until her husband gets paid again she can't spend anything, I honestly think that she's going to go through shopping withdrawls. The only down side…food is running low so that sucks but her husband gets paid every 2 weeks, so hopefully he gets paid on Monday so that way we'll at least have some groceries, but then again, we might just by groceries for ourselves depending on how big my boyfriend's paycheck is. Oh! another thing, wish me luck, I'm going to get a hold of some people again about the applications I sent in, so wish me luck and hopefully I get another job 🙂

  1. snowdreamer 13 years ago

    Sounds like his mother is a shopoholic, I knew someone like that, their business was failing and had to let some people go but the wife kept buying new clothes, shoes and when they eat it's always expensive dinners boy I wish I could have taught her about hot dogs and peanut butter when you have no money for food…..anyway darlin good luck on the job hunt!!

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  2. GetBetter 13 years ago

    I figure if we get too low on food then I'll start making food like my mom did 🙂 Somehow she managed to always make a feast out of just a few crumbs. But last night I made tacos, so tonight I'm going to make spaghetti with the left over meat and then tomorrow is chilli if there is any left over meat after the spaghetti

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