Its been a rough week last Saturday I got the phone call from my mother that my aunt Edris passed away on Friday night on the March 12th . My cousin Teri which is my mom's Neice had called my aunt Jane & told my aunt Jane & then my aunt Jane called my mom . My family is still very close even though we all spread out all over . My cousin Teri , Rhonda , Bonnie , Marla & John keep up through Facebook , since they all live in different places . My aunt Edris was the Mother to my cousin Teri, Rhonda , Marla , Bonnie & John , she also has grand children & many neices & nephews me included but there are so many of us , they couldnt' put it in the obiutuary . My aunt Edris was very godly woman , she was married to my mother's brother , so there for she was my mother's sister N law . My family had her service at the funeral home this past Sunday & then took her out to her family church where she was buried . My cousin Bonnie , which is the family pastor did the service & talked about my aunt Edris's life , it was a beautiful service , yet very emotional . I couldn't go to the burial simply because it was just too much for me emotionally to watch her be buried & be comitted to go the ground . It seems as though every time my family gets to get its at a funeral , I am loosing family members one by one , the only intermedate family I have left is my mother , my father ( who lives in SC) all though we don't aren't close & rarely talk & then there is one & only living aunt , my aunt Jane my mom's sister , the rest of my family members are all cousins . The rest of my imediate family are all gone to be with god .. Trying to get my husband to understand my emotional anxiety , trying to get him to understand where I am comming from & why I am having issues , who? wouldn't if you have lost 6 family members , which is a lot ..


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