Blue skies today for the first time in 4 days…I'm so relieved. I have a very hard time when it's grey and rainy out for more than a day or two. I thought maybe Isuffered from SAD(seasonal affective disorder) where lack ofsunlight causes depression~ but my doctor told me it didn't matter because I live in Florida and there'susually sunlightand not weeks of grey weather like in the North. I asked if I should buy a sunlamp, and he told me I could but he didn't think in my case it was worth themoney. Iguess I shouldn't move toNew England anytime soon, lol.

We weathered the effects ofhurricane Sandy's pass-by pretty well. I'm surprised by how few people lostpower and the lack of downed trees and limbs even though the winds were about40-50 mph. Most of that was Saturday nightthough.Actually during Saturday (or was it Friday) afternoon we went to the beach to see the insanity of the waves. Theywere HUGE, and they were as far out as the eye could see. The wind was blowing us sideways, and there wasTONS of seafoam washed all the way up the beach. My son had a blast playing in it in the heavy winds. We also went to the Inletand got on topof the bridge to see the Jetty ( a hugeconcrete pier that extends out into the ocean quite a ways) and get a better view of the ocean. Ittook my breath away. Youcould barely see the jetty for the waves swallowing it and the plumesof white spray from the waves hitting it. This thing is really tall~ easily 15-20 feet fromwater level up…I was REALLYglad we didn't goout there. I got some great photos of it all, and then we bundled our wet selves up and drove home to take hot showers andget in warmclothes.

If it had been a direct hit from the storm we wouldn't have gone out there at all. But since it glanced us, we could enjoy seeing theeffects of it without too muchdanger. And honestly it did me good to get out of the house and doa small adventurethat was exciting. Everyone enjoyed it.

Had a rough night last night…Aaron's home at night on the weekends and I'mused to having the bed to myself. I talk a LOT in my sleep ( and have alsobeen known to punch, kick, scream, shove and slap ~it's a sleep disorderwhere you're brain doesn't disconnect from your body when you sleep, so you act out whatever's happening in your dreams…) and last night Aaron said Italked all night. I feel bad, I kept him up. He finally gave upat1 a.m. and stayedupuntil 5 a.m. ~ then tried to sleep again. Hedidn't manage to get any until he moved to a separate bed at about 6 this morning. So he's still sleeping…I feel awful about it. The only way to treat the disorder Ihave is with Klonopin, but I'm already on a pretty highdosage. IfI take a higher dosage I'm going to be a drooling zombie. Not a good idea.

I was proud of myselfbecause I worked lastnight some. I wentgrocery shopping and my manager asked me if I wanted tocover a shift that someone had called out sick on, and at first I saidno, but then rethought it. We need the money, and I'm doing better than I have been this past week. So I went in from 2-7:30p.m. and then came home.We went out for ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop (Bruster's) and then came home and went to bed. My next shiftis on Tuesday, but Wednesday I go back in thesee the psychiatrist to see if we can adjust my meds to deal with the frequent ups and downs I'm experiencing still.

Well,tonight we're taking our son to BOO at the ZOO ~ a haunted version of the Zoo at night where the kids dress up (andthe adults too) and trick-or-treat and get todo all sorts of spooky fun stuff. I hope he'lllike it. Since Halloween is on a Wednesday we really don't want to do the trick-or-treating thing then. Besides, I feel much safer being in a place that I KNOW the candy is safe to eat, and he'll have a chance to play with other costumed kids. For my husband and I, we get to see the animals at night, which we've never been able to do. And because it's Sunday it's only 9 dollars a person instead of$15.

Time to stop blogging…gothousework to get done before tonight's outing. Ihope this findsyou all well andenjoyingyour Sunday. For those of you in the North East U.S. I'm praying for you that hurricane Sandy veers away of peters out beforeit gets there.

love and hugs ~ Key


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