I'mfeeling pretty low tonight ~ it probably hasmuch to do with having a sinus infection and the headache it brought with it. Normally if I feel a headache coming on then I'll go to sleep and wake up with it gone or mostly so ~ but not tonight. I slept for 4 hours today and nothing helped. I HATE headaches, and afterwhat I went through during my pregnancy I'm alsoterrified of them. 5 months ofmigraine that didn't ever let up or go awayandlanded mein a hospital after my son was born was quite enough for me.

Anyhow, likeI said I'm feeling sad and down and am not sure why. I'm also very irritable. My husband went down to our friends' house to watch the Super Bowland it'sMom, Zachary and I. I just put Zachary to bed a little bitago, andMom's inthe shower, so that leaves just me for awhile. I'm glad Aaron (husband) went to hang out withour friends ~ henever goes out anywhere without me orZach and I. He tends to get close with only 1-2 people so I think it's important that he goes evenif I don't want to.

SoI refuse to talk about my Uncle on here tonight. I need a real break from all of it.

The hockey game we went to last night with the same friends was really a good time. I wish I had feltbetter. Every little thing botheredme, and today I'vebeen fighting off weeping the whole day. I couldn't watch tv because if something sad happened I'd get really upset.Same thing with reading a book. I have cut myself off from media (except being on here to blog tonight) and intend to take a hot bath or shower and journal. MaybeI'll just stare at myaquarium forawhileinstead. Who knows. Or maybe I'll justallow myself the luxury of crying to just get it out and over with. Doesn't sound like fun but if it helps me that's all that matters.

Well, that's it from me. Boring, huh?

((HUGS)) to everyone…

  1. Love_Shines 8 years ago

    Boy that's tough, I have cluster headaches so I know how bad they can be at least with those though there is some relief at certain times.  Times like that it would probably feel better to stick a knife in my eyes.

    Crying helps if you can do it, at least I think so.  Hope you feel better soon.


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  2. tcsoprano 8 years ago

    It's not boring, it's your life, and you are wonderful . I hope you feel better soon. Glad Aaron got out to watch the game. Take care of yourself. <3 much love - t

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