Hello, everyone, my name… (* sighs, deep breaths*) is Adina :)). A good start for someone who is currently afraid of nearly everything, isn’t it? A lot of people said to me that I have kind of a talent for writing… I do not know if they are right anymore… I mean I thought they were until recently I was told I am bipolar… So now I kind of question my entire existence… It is wrong, I know but I am only 20 years old.. What am I supposed to feel now?? And at this point, when I have already written all this, I feel pathetic, just a little, spoiled child who is afraid and does not know how to cope with his new reality: the one in which he takes meds to go to sleep every night. I also lose contact with the reality and every comeback is like a cold shower…

And the truth is that this is my new, awful reality… Everything changed in just 3 days. And even though I struggle with accepting and having patience, sometimes I want to… punch someone in the face:). Life is just not fair sometimes, I know but still I do not think that I deserve all this bullshit.

How to cope with my new existence? I would be grateful for an honest advice. The thing is I am afraid to lose myself and then my bf…It is mean what I am doing but in my heart I try to let him go, because I want him to be happy…

A piece of advice pls? Is all I want, to feel understood and to be helped. All my life I was so good at helping others.. too good maybe. Now it is my turn! :))

Honestly, a good girl 😉


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