Today was a bad day. Woke up and my mom said she had to take our cat to the vet today because she wouldnt get up or eat or drink or anything. I just thought that she ate some plastic (because she does that a lot) and would come back from the vet fine so i didnt worry about it. My dad came back a couple hours later and said that she had to have a blood transfusion and had no red blood cells left. She has a rare cat disease where her body attacks all her own blood cells and cant control bleeding etc. This has been happening for a year now but within the last couple weeks she got so much better so quick. Now all of a sudden she was so ill, i still dont understand. My mom was closest with her so she wanted to be by her side. My dad took her down there to see the cat and he called an hour later and said that they had to put her down because she wouldnt survive the transfusion. He asked if i wanted to come say goodbye and i couldnt make a decision. I had a panic attack and was crying and couldnt think so they had to put her to sleep without me getting to come down there to say goodbye. Now i feel guilty because i didnt go down there but if i did i know it wouldve been even harder. I havent gotten used to her not being in our house, it still feels like she will be there tomorrow when i wake up. This has been the latest event in a string of bad events. My dad got laid off from his job so my mom is freaking out about money and we both lost our unemployment last week because of some new california law, and now this. My mom has been crying all day and theres nothing that makes her feel better, everyone is so depressed and im worried. i dont know what to do. i hope tomorrow is easier. I never saw this coming, she was fine a day ago. I just hope things start getting better.

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  1. boobear 13 years ago

     I am so sorry for your loss.  Everyone grieves in their own way and there is no right or wrong way.  Try not to feel guilty.  You loved this cat and were there to love her throughout her life.  Try to focus on all the good times.  Everyone will need their own time to heal.  Best wishes to you and again I am sorry for all the pain your family is feeling. 

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