For Oz

“You’ll be the death of me.”
That’s what I said—
Lying nude within your bed
Half done in—
I knew you’d win.

A reaper all bedecked in black
With a scythe hidden far in back
Of that casual smile…
And in just a short while
Looking at you
I knew my debt was due
Should have seen it by the way
You stalked me like I was prey
Through the crowd to the bar…
Where we went too far.

You had eyes that were the shade of trouble
You bought me a drink—you said make it double
She’s going to need it.
And I bit…
“You’ll be the death of me.”

Your hand claimed my upper thigh
Should have told you then goodbye
Instead of being swept into a dance
Held tight against your pants
And we swayed along to a slow tune
Creating friction hot as June—
You left me wanting more
Leading me to the door.

You said, “Let’s go take a ride.”
When I wanted you inside
You teased my heart
Until I fell apart.

“You’ll be the death of me.”
That’s what I said
As I hung on by a thread
To a semblance of sanity—
While you divested me of my vanity
You threw it like a skin on the chair
You wanted me there before you bare
You drank breath—
The little death
Was madly tickling down below
You asked me how far I was willing to go
You knew what I’d say—
All the way.
And I’d stay.

We made the bed roll and creak
You had me til I went completely weak
In the knees…
You aimed to please.

And while our flesh made the sheets crawl
Your headboard smacked against the wall
I grasped at sweet divinity
As we tumbled into infinity
And I came—
The act will never be the same.
There is no way to recapture
The mindless sense of rapture
With anyone new—
It’ll always be you.

“You’ll be the death of me.”
That’s what I said
Lying nude within your bed
And it’s heaven to be dead…
If I’m with you—
Count my life through.


A bit of strange lyricism about my man.  Musical accompaniment not included.







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