i feel like i'm going crazy.  i'm currently 8 months pregnant, so i can't take my medication.  i've been off meds for a couple months now and i'm starting to freak the hell out.

i just moved with one of my previous housemates to a 2 bedroom apartment (the house we were living in is being put up for sale).  i think i made a HUGE mistake.

my roomie hasn't done a damn thing in the new place.  she moved in a week earlier than i (2 weeks ago), and still hasn't cleaned the bathroom like she said she would.  since she doesn't like to 'share' toilets with people she doesn't know (maybe a worker when the place was empty used it), she stole ass gaskets from work and have been using them… INSTEAD OF CLEANING THE DAMN BATHROOM.  i'd do it… but i've done EVERYTHING else in the place since i've been there.  again… 8 months pregnant… but she won't put a single thing away.  the living room is still full of boxes and bags of stuff.  i'm trying to put a couple away a day… to the dismay of my doctor… but all she does is lock herself in her room and ignore everything else.

i'm not supposed to lift… anything.  i'm in the middle of a high risk pregnancy… but the roomie is just sitting on her ass while i do it all.  i shouldn't do it… but i can't live with piles of crap in the living room.

also…. she can't manage to latch the front door.  seriously.   she locks it and pulls it closed, but it doesn't latch.  when i come home, i just push it open.  actually, yesterday when i got home, the front door was locked…. but wide open.  i'm guessing since it was windy yesterday, it was blown open.  i already told her about it last weekend, but how many times do i have to tell a 28 year old that she has to pull the door shut until you hear it click.  test the fucking door.  push on it.  does it swing open?… then it ain't closed properly.

i really need my meds!!!  there are some other little stupid things that shes doing/not doing… but i'm doing my best to let it go.  it isn't very easy for me.  i just signed a one year lease… and i'm already ready to break it just to move into my own place.  i don't know how much longer i can deal with this.


p.s… she can't seem to turn off the shower faucet either… everytime she takes a shower…. drip… drip… drip…. drip… drip… drip…. drip… i'm tired of coming up behind her to fix things.  she's a g'damn adult.  I NEED MY MEDS!!!

  1. stitches77 13 years ago

    Wow, sounds a whole lot like an old roommate of mine.  She would leave the front door unlocked all the time.  She also didn't close the shower curtain when she showered, and we wound up having a really bad leak in our living room.  Unfortunately people are just stupid.  Sorry things are so crappy right now.

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  2. snottbubble 13 years ago

    oh… don't get me started about the shower.  at the house we used to live in… she wouldn't stretch the curtain back out to dry… so it was all smelly and moldy.  here at the new place, we have a sliding door, but she doesn't slide it back closed, so we're already getting dried on schmuck between the doors that doesn't get air.

    yes… i have ocd.

    thanks for the words!

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