I've been having weird dreams for the past few days–mostly about children, in one way or another.

Last night I dreamed my mom and I were walking out to our cars (we had met at a high school) and I was explaining my worries about wanting a child to her. I felt better for having talked about it, even if I got no real advice.

Anyway, we get to our cars and my mom is making a deal to buy stereo speakers from one of the students, a boy of about 16.

I said "Mom, you know they're 'hot', right? You're okay with that?"

"Tyrese is a nice boy," she says, waving it off.

The kid selling my little 62 y/o mom the speakers is really sweet, and even hooks them up for her–which is hilarious, b/c my mom's tiny Yaris starts hydralically bouncing as the bass-y music bumps and vibrates the asphalt under my feet.

I guess "Tyrese" (I don't even know a Tyrese in RL) sees me getting all drooly over it and offers to sell me one too, but I decline, telling him that unless the price is $0, I'm broke and won't be buying anything.

So, it turns out we're picking up my two childhood friends (sisters) from school b/c their mother has died and my mom is looking out for them (although, in RL this happened when we were all in our late teens/early twenties. The sisters are grown now.)

We get to their house and my mom reveals to me that she's babysitting a friend's infant and runs to bring me the screaming baby, to cheer me up, I guess. The boy is maybe a month old and his pj's are only hanging on by a snap at his neck. My mother is over-enthusiastically jiggling and cooing at the kid, who looks really uncomfortable and fussy.

"Mom, he doesn't like that," I point out, taking the baby from her.

I immediately try to tuck his arms and legs back into the sleeves and legs of the pj's, but they're a little too small. The baby is still crying and wiggling, and every time I lay him on the floor, I realize he's on the edge of a cliff and move him again, until I give up and keep him in my arms. The entire time, the baby keeps getting heavier and heavier, like a wiggling, 50 lb sandbag.

That's when I woke up.


The night before, I dreamt that my sister (who was a single mom of only my oldest nephew in the dream) arranged for me to spend a day at school with my nephew, b/c she got a new job. The whole time, I agreed to it, I was internally rolling my eyes at the idea that she felt it necessary to spend three days out of the week in school with him. I felt like it was overkill and she needed to cut the apron strings.

We were still living in our childhood home, two blocks over from the high school (only it was a college in this dream). I had a class that morning and forgot that my sister had left my 8 y/o nephew standing by the car in his coat. I was in class for a whole hour, before I looked up at the clock and thought: "OMG! I forgot about Kie! He's still out there!"

I ran out of the building and out the door. Two blocks from the house, I could hear my nephew bawling and no matter how much I tried to run, my legs got so heavy and weak, I could do no more than walk at a sloppy shuffle.


This one is DH's, two nights ago.

We are in a hospital and I have a baby in my arms. He goes to adjust the pillows behind my back so I can nurse the baby, except I can't find her/him in all the layers of blankets.

Tell me THATs' not weird…


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