Yesterday I went to work after taking some mild painkillers. My herniated discs are making themselves known again. I have three in the lower lumbar area. L-something… I was diagnosed at age twenty-two–which is apparently supposed to be weird or something. I've been told I shouldn't have this type of problem until my forties. Whatever. It' s a bitch to have to learn to be super careful with yourself when you're supposed to be in the prime of your life, but I'm used to it and over it. Pain is something to be dealt with (or sometimes endured), not bitched about.

Anyway, I learned that my job is actually sort of funny when I'm drowsy as hell. I'm taking Tramadol, which doesn't get me high; just makes me keep nodding off like an old lady. I don't care. It works for me pretty well–wish I'd had it back when I first destroyed the crap out of my back, nearly a decade ago. I was laid up for about eight months at my parents' house. It was the most horrible physical suffering I'd ever endured.

So, just after I clocked in yesterday my fiance calls my phone and tells me the school in Decatur called and offered him the job. That should have had us jumping for joy, but here's the thing: he applied back in April, didn't get interviewed until the 21st of July, didn't get called for the second interview by the deadline (about a week ago), the new school year starts in about a week and a half, and the woman gave him ONE DAY to make his decision when he wasn't even allowed to ask any questions during his first interview. That would also only leave us a week to arrange moving to an apartment 3 hours away from where we live now, taking almost a $4,000.00 pay cut, AND have us quitting three jobs (between the two of us) on short notice, thus burning three bridges. No friggin way, lady.

I told him the whole scenario gave me bad vibes and while I'd consider moving away from here a new adventure, I didn't think he'd be happy working for someone who showed such a lack of concern for his concerns. She left a shitty impression during his interview with her shady interview tactics. I also told him that if a potential employer doesn't give you the opportunity to ask some questions of your own, it's more than likely that she doesn't expect you to ask questions EVER–and that is a MAJORLY bad sign. Alarms are sounding, big time. Besides, this school seems to be going through teachers like dirty underwear. She even told him she was expecting the position to be open agaion next year and she'd keep him in mind. huh!?!

He pretty much thought the same things as I did but needed to hear them from someone else. He was also worried that I'd be mad at him for turning down a job. We both agreed that this wasn't the right school for him and he declined the offer this morning. He will be at his current school for another year. So be it. At least he loves his job. That's something to be grateful for. Here's hoping the diocese doesn't close it down for a few more years, at least.

Oh, but here's the REAL funny part. DF told the lady that his fiance (moi) just attained her B.A. and she jumped all over it: "Oh! Is she certified!?!" LOL! This crazy, desperate principal was ready to hire me too!!! DF told her I was thinking of transitioning, but as of right now I was only degreed in writing. That's just too unreal… We sure dodged THAT bullet. Oh well, nothing lost, right?



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  1. bassdesiresq 12 years ago

     Hey there friend,

    I got your nice note inquiring about me…things are ok…probably better than that once I get out of my funk which comes and goes. My son dropped a nice dime on me during our visit…he told me of  'The Four Agreements' and said that they had really helped him deal with depression, disappointment, etc. Google them and check it out. I ordered the book from Amazon. You and your fiance sound like a very cool couple. I wish you both the very best. Where does he teach now? I'm married to another Scorpio…she is now  a retired professor of anthropology. Very cool and dear woman. Great  that you have your degree and that you are a writer. My wife has written a number of books on her field work and is finishing up a grammar of the people she lived with in Brasil. Sounds like you are stuck with a menial job right now..don' t worry, that will change. I've done a lot of menial work and somehow it all adds to what we bring to our next act. Keep writing about these times…they are all rich with experiential gems. I'm going to practice another half hour before bed. We are into a new orchestral cycle with some challenging stuff. More later and best wishes. David



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