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I"m up early here , it's 8:47 am here , I'm completely exhausted both mentally & physcially .. It feels as tho hubby & I just can't seem to catch a break , there is always a chore to do , a car to wash , seems like every time I turn around the clothes hamper is filled up & a load of clothes need to be washed . Gwen has gotten to where she wakes me up at between 4 am & 5 am to go potty . Hubby & I can't seem to get 1 hour together of just couple time without any interuption . Yesterday was completely exahausting , Hubby mowed our yard & our next door neighbors , since her son is to lazy to get off his butt & do it & N this 90 degree heat too bless his heart . After that Hubby & I went washed the Kia & vacuumed it , then hubby dropped me off at the house, took the truck , picked up his Latuda & then washed the truck off . By the time we got settled last night it was 8:30 9pm , folded a load of clean clothes , put them up & took a shower , watched my DVR show I had recorded the night before & went to bed , then was back up at 6:30 when my clock went off for hubby to get up & get his exercise in , since Gwen has a groomer apt today at 11am , after that hubby has to come back & mow my moms yard , after that my mom has to go to the VA Hospital to get blood work dawn , but on the way there , we have to stop by the feed store so I can pick up a 5LB bag of grain free dog food for Gwen . I can't wait for our trip to Myrtle beach comming up in September , hubby & I are both just mentally burnt out & I know Gwen is ready to get out of Asheville for while .


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