Today started out horrible. I left at 5am and got to work late at 7:30am. The directions that the temp. agency gave me were wrong. I ended up driving to a casino an hour away. But anyways, work was nice. I enjoyed it. At the end of the day my lower back was on fire and I felt like I needed to throw up because it hurt so much, but that's just from sitting down so much. I'm working 6:30am-5pm.

But ya…the reason why I wish I would have stayed at work is because I come home and of course my boyfriend's grandma is telling me to go eat, but that wasn't bad or anything. But I came upstairs and my boyfriend was sitting on his computer and hadn't done anything, the room was even more a mess then when I left. He said that he brushed his teeth and ate today and then just slept and played video games and went on his computer all day. Also, he too a Benadryl, I don't know why he takes it because the dosage is way too strong for him. He's not used to taking pills, so when he does the pills seem to take extra effect and stuff. Basically when he takes Benadryl he falls asleep and then gets all depressed.

So he started thinking once I got home of how we can make rent (when we had money, instead of him saving it he spent it, but whatever, that's a blog for another day). He's going to go sell some more things that we have. Now he's all pissed at me because he wants us to go walk to the mall so that we can sell off some of his games. I don't work until Tuesday, rent isn't due until the 7th or 8th, it's currently 6:26pm and when I got home it was 6pm, I spent 13 hours away from home. I suggested that we go tomorrow or Saturday, or some time before I work again. He got all pissy because he wanted to go now…He's had all day to go sell his games, we wouldn't make it to the mall in time, and he's also pissed off because a hurricane is supposed to be coming tomorrow and Saturday everything will probably still be closed. But the thing is, that still leaves Sunday and Monday. Also, he's been talking about selling his games for rent for over 2 weeks now, and now he decides to go, I'm sorry, but my back hurts and I'm tired I'm not going to walk to the mall when he could have done it while I was away for 13 hours.

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  1. hippychik87 13 years ago

    sounds like a crap situation. tell him to go by himself so you can relax in a hot bath…

    hang in there

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