Alex came back from America after 3months working in California on last Sunday [28th Aug] , I didnt think i'd be seeing him wednesday or thursday but he surprised me on the Monday by turning up unexpected to stay the night with me. I was really happy. He took me breakfast on Tuesday morning before going home.

But on Thursday I got a text from him saying he'd been kicked out of home, and heard nothing from him after that. I kept texting him and i then got a reply saying 'I cant do this anymore, we need to talk' I began shakeing because it was obvious what he ment. I just couldnt believe it. He then phone me to break up with me. But thats not the whole story; He didnt want to, he was crying his heart out, his mum told him he couldnt be with, that she wouldnt support him through uni, that he was no longer her son and he couldnt be nor could he live at home whilst he was with me. He told me that we needed to out ourselves on hold until he can sort his mum out, it really really hurt me that his mum would make him do that.

On friday morning after his mum calmed down she told him that he could have me back becasue she could see it was killing him not being with me, but he's still not been allowed home. We got back together and he came over and stayed till Sunday [ yesterday]

I'm so happy we're back together, but I'm still really upset and hurt by his mum. How am I ever going to face her again? Me and Alex were supposed to be going on holiday this thrusday for a week away together after being appart for 3months. But becasue of his mum we can't, it would rock the boat too much and he has to repair his relationship with his mum so that we have a chance. I'm angry becasue I've spent all summer saving to go on holiday with him, as I knew I wouldnt be going on a family holiday due to the fact My dad & step Mum are getting divorced. Brilliant.

I'm now also scared that becasue his mum now knows that he'll choose his family over me that she can push me away when ever she wants, and thats she's better and more important to Alex, it maybe true, but she'll flaunt it infront of me if i ever see her again. When Alex left her on Sunday I had this fear that he might not come back again.

I'm scared his mum will always be a 3rd person in our relationship. That he'll never give him self to me 100%, that she'll always try to push me out. I want to be with Alex forever, I want his childeren, but now, I dont know if I want Marie as a mother in Law, or my childrens grandparent. I dont want to leave Alex now, but I'm scared that his mum will succed and push me to far and I will leave…,


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