I have too much to do and not enough time to do it all.  I had a very weird day today. nothing unusual this morning.  I actually did the last step of my craft project and it is all polycryliced  Just letting it dry before I replace the hardware of the trunk.  It looks good.  The trunk was my Moms and she painted it and made it a work of art and the top got ruined.  So there was no way for me to match the work my mother did so I did a crackle paint finish on the whole lid of the trunk it looks really good and very appropriate with the rest of the trunk.  I am so glad that it is finally fixed.  It only took me 6 years to do it.  I am proud of myself for doing it.  I also sewed some ribbon on a dress today to make it prettier it turned out good.  After that nice productive morning thats when things got weird.  We were driving to a friends house in the country and we are on this crazy back road and a state trooper passes us going the other direction.  The next thig I know I am getting pulled over and thinking that I am going to jail, truck impounded.  See I am aware that I have some license problems.  I frankly thought I was screwed.  He let me go.  I couldn't believe it.  He could have arrested me and he let me go.  I got a ticket but no big deal…He freaking let me go.  So here is the kicker.  I asked what made him run my plate in the first place as I was not speeding or anything and he said that NY License plates have a chip in then and his cop car automatically scanned it and turned his lights on on the cop car.  Crazy technology,  someone was looking out for me…I did say a prayer to Saint Christopher to let us continue on our journey and to be safe doing it.  I am going camping for the weekend with a friend.  It will be my dogs first camping trip.  I think she will love it.  I am taking a comphy lounge chair and a book and doing nothing but cooking some steak and corn on the cob.  Maybe drinking some wine.  I am a little nervous about going though.  It is outside of my comfort zone.  I rarely leave the house.  Let alone spend the entire weekend outside.  I do love to camp but I just have not been doing it with the frequency that I used to.  This is only the second time I have been camping for the summer and the first time was for some concerts.  Last summer I only went once for one night so I guess I am ahead of the game this year but compared to before I got sick I spent a majority of the summer sleeping outside.  I feel like I have been masking a lot lately and it is so tiring and I am going to have to wear the mask all weekend…no break.  This whole blog was a bunch of nonsense…sorry for the inane rambling.


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