Good morning tribe, its 5:49 california time in the morning, just sitting her drinking a cup of coffee and having a smoke, thinking about yesterday. I was invited to my cousins house here in town for my grandmas 78th birthday that I didn't go to cuz of complication of this pregnancy, My whole dads side of the family was there, people I don't know and or haven't seen since I was a little girl, my dad was there and so was my brother Don, I haven't seen my dad in over15 years and havent seen my brother since I was 18 I am now 39. Well I got a picture of my brother and my dad came over and visited for about a half hour, I was so happyI got to introduce my dad to my Tina his granddaughter and to his great grandbabies Angeline and Zakkery. I met my dads girlfriend as well. I think she is pretty nice. I do talk to my dad on the phone and we text quite a bit but to see him in person was wonderful. He told me that he felt bad cuz he doesn't know how to be a dad or a grandpa, I told him not to worry about it, lets just start out friends. He seemed quite relieved after I said that. He had been on drugs most of my life and not a part of my lifethru out my life but he is still my dad and since I used to be on drugs I knew where he was coming from I wasn't much of a mother to my kids in their younger years. Didn't mean I didn't love them I was just sick. I didn't and still don't have any expectations where my dad is concerned. He is old school and quite the biker/hippie kind of guy. I accept him for who he is as a person and I have gone this long without my dad being a regular part of my life that I think I appreciate him more now. Sure I'd love tobe a regular part of his life but I am not going to push the issue becausethere is no need to. He is in my life and that is what matters, he is doing the best he can with what he knows how. He has been off drugs for quite some years now and so I am very proud of him!

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    pink68 11 years ago

     Good to hear Apple. Sounds like your expectations are right on. Things will most likely get better between you and your Dad. Best wishes as your family just keeps growing!

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