I've been searching recently for a guy to spend my time with and to have just someone who would be there for me. I think I've found him, but I'm not sure. Why am I not sure? The guy that I've been wanting to be with for years added me on the dreaded Facebook. Here's a comparison of the guys. B will be the older guy and G will be the new guy.

B- He and I met at a party, and right away we clicked instantly. He was really shy, and somehow he ended up really opening up to me. We spent the entire night talking and even went outside to watch the sunrise. Basically, we just had a good time, and the conversation never got boring. The only reason he and I stopped talking is because my number changed and I lost his number. I never got to give him the new one. After awhile I really started to miss him, and it took me awhile to really move on after all that he and I shared together over the span of a couple of months

G- We met off Facebook (Yeah, God hates me sometimes with that stupid Facebook). We've had this thing going since the beginning of January. I feel something with him, and I love being around him, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm desperate to have someone in my life, or because I really do like him. He's so sweet to me though. If I want something, he tends to buy it for me, no matter what it is or what the price may be. He spoils me so much even though he really doesn't have to. Please don't think that's why I'm interested in him. it's definitely his personality that draws me to him. He's also the quiet type, but he's got a good heart. He tells me I'm beautiful all the time and never once have we been mad at each other for too long. I'm just not sure I would miss him too much if he and i drifed apart. Not to say that I wouldn't. I just don't know.

So basically, I'm just kind of writing this to see what I'm thinking on my own. I'm not sure what advice anyone can give me seeing as both young men are truly good people. If anyone has any idea on how to figure this situation out, please feel free to tell me because obviously I have no clue as to how to get started figuring this mess out.

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  1. SarahSue62 11 years ago

     It's not that I must have a relationship to complete my life. I'm a very independant person who can do everything on my own and I want no one to have to baby me all the time, which kind of creates a problem with him buying me things. I mean, thanks, but I have my own money. Right now, I just want to share an experience with someone. I want someone to prove me wrong when I feel that all people suck. That's it I guess. Thanks for your advice!

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