So today is a beautifull day with the temp sittin at 23c.It would have been perfect but there was alittle bit of wind-gusts making biking harder.I usually bike in a large circle that is about 10 km.It helps to try & stay busy & not end up sitting in all day,watching Documentarys & movies,blogging or just being lazy.Summer is almost here folks,i hope u all get the chance to live,learn,love & laugh-alot-this summer & that GOD blesses each & every-one of the courageous PHA WARRIOR's that keep the WAR on HIVAIDs alive & on the Front pages.With patience,understanding & love we can Overcome our addictions,& our diagnosis.Becomming empowered with knowledge on HIV-AIDs is not an easy task,but it can be a rewarding one.Yes it is nerve-wracking standing up in front of a crowd & telling your past life history,but wen U R done 99% of the time the crowd will be very apreciative & most will personaly thank-U for it.Sometimes U will luck out & get an Honourarium=$& U know $ is always needed by PHA's!<p>A PHA Warrior Tom D. has started a co. named Who's Positive that goes around to schools & universitys across the USA teaching others about HIV-AIDs & Living with it.They have a bus painted up cool lookin & travel in it-This is exactly the same thing that i wanted to do-only i am in Canada-& the flow is alot less up here!Guess i havent mentioned the my HIV support group is on "hiatis" untill next oct.!Ya i came back from Montreal's Aids Research Conf. only to find out my group has been stopped!& about the PHA clients losing out on a food voucher/month while the whole office is renovated is absolute Bullshit!Access Aids Sudbury has done alot of good stuff  for PHA's but it has been steadily getting more money while services have been declining for PHA's & this isn't the way it should be going.I feel it is getting too "top heavy"& they have YET to hire ANY PHA at all!G.I.P.A. was supposed to change that,but not!Who better to teach others about HIV-AIDs then the actual persons that have it>?Y aids service org. don't hire HIV+ peoples is something thats gotta change asap!ASo's should be run by HIV+ peoples!!Guess all is not so serene after all.Actually i fear the world is really going downhill fast!& Wat can i do to prepare wen all i get is enough to scrape by on day to day?I will keep doing what i have been doing,Trusting in GOD & trying to live as peacefull,joyfull & lawabideing as possable .Maybe i should stop smoking weed too!Its all i do these days,no wonder my memory is going to shit!LOL hey hope u all have a great summer eh,& dont be shy & email this guy if your single & want to chat at [email protected]  k later folks!GODBLESS & have a great day eh!

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  1. sweetsteph 14 years ago

    Hey long time no see ,hope you are doing well that was a good blog,GOD BLESS YOU TOO LOVE STEPH

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