Why are there no more remarkable people on n this world why is no one making history any more every one is now bland and generic like no one trys to stand out or forge there own path or truly love the only people you hear about are people who have done something horrible nothing epic or hopeful it’s like we lost the ability to make history happen we quit struggling we get the fight

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  1. danr 1 year ago

    It might be the eyes through which you are seeing. i found that out about myself in a moment of clarity. I was with my wife, I had taken her to a physical rehabilitation facility. There was this room. It had parallel bars and all manner of work out equipment. There were forty injured people there. Some were trying to use various limbs. I saw a couple taking a step or two. At first I saw some poor poor pathetically injured people; but then I looked closer and saw the miracles and miracle workers for what they were. Incredibly awesome individuals. I gained new sight that day. There are folk next door, down the street. Some are in kindergarten and some unborn. But they are all around us. So it is important to be supportive and kind. You never know what another can achieve; especially if you encourage them. It’s just my opinion.

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