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How would you describe, to people who have never experienced a mental problem, what life is like?

I'm doing this post because i'm annoyed at people never believing me and i think it would be good for us to figure out a powerful description that sums it up that we can use to explain to them.

  • You feel like everyone you love has died every day. You feel like all life around you is dead and all opportunities and you wish you were too because you'll never be able to lightit upagain.
  • Imagine beingtrapped in bed all day wishing you wern't born and feeling helplessly trapped in your body, not because you want to, not because you have a terminal illness, because you don't have a choice.
  • A mental illness is the same as a physical one except you can't see/ sense it in any way. It has the same outcomes as a physical illness, you either feel pain or become used to it, your handicapped from basic things for what couldbe your whole life. There is nothing a doctor or therapist can tell you to help you because there isn't enough research. There are very few who have studied it enough to fully understand it.
  • Imagine not being able to make friends or even connections with people but that's all youask forfrom life. Every time you try you scare them away. Your trapped in life because your afraid of death and the methods to get there. Your socially starved. Even leaving the house is humiliating. Your humiliated with your own life and not being able to pick your feet up, so your too scared to talk to most people for fear of them being embarrassed to be with you which it what happens with every single person anyway. They only think your being rude and arrogant though. They think that your something and it takes you to actually go through the embarrassment of trying to make friends with them that makes them realise they don't like you anyway and feel uncomfortable in your presence.
  • I hope every day that i get some painless terminal illness because i will be relieved i have a chance to die.
  • It's like watching out a window all your life from a prison, all people getting on with they're lives and being able to talk to eachother and make friends. You've never been there yet but it's all you've wanted.
  • You life is on hold. For what will probably be your whole life.
  • You will end up 30 and might have not done anything that made you feel you wanted to exist. You might have never been able to have a job, learn how to make friends or relationships. You might have been trapped in bed all day, not able to get out because no one cares, because everytime you try to make friends they don't want you.
  • Imagine a bird that was born with no wings. Thats what it's like to have a mental problem. the only thing you instinctively want to do and what you were born to do (humans born to socialise) you wern't born with, so you can't fly with others, but they will think your not doing it on purpose. They will keep telling you to fly and keep telling you that you have nothing wrong with you and that your just choosing to deal with things in a different way.
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