My speech does fail me constantly

My thoughts are not lyrical genius

But musical nonsense

I fail at every cross road

What is my deliverance

Where will I find it

That peace that everyone else brags about

They mock me with their smiles.

As if they didn’t know I was unhappy

I was alone.

They use witty conversation

As if they didn’t know

I don’t have the energy

To participate.

Where is my soul?

Where has she gone?

Why can’t love find me anymore?

I’m so detached

The people I live with

Know nothing about me, internally

I’m tired, I’m diseased.

I’m ruthless, I’m mean.

I’ll read this in a day

And erase it all away

Cause even I know

My words are worthless.


If only I had not taken that road.

If only I had figured it out sooner.


I know it’s my fault

But I wish I had someone else to put my blame on.

What is the meaning of she

Am I just a part of he

Does my woman intuition

Derive itself from man’s

Forget my inspiration

Am I just feeling hormonal

As I’m told, as a woman

I am the weakest vessel

Does my opinion mean nothing

Did god design it that way

Am I fighting a predetermined battle

Or am I living truly day to day

Does my voice touch those ears

In heaven, the man who cares

Or am I simply garbage

To be given to the wolves

I look out my window

To say I am not defeated

To the ghost I am taught

Is my creator?

Forget open spaces

Airplanes and space flight

The glory is in a man whom can’t show his face to the light

Where will the truth come from

Will it be scary when he presides over the land

Or will his grace be his strongest hand

Love, I do not see it

I do not see its consequence

I do believe it does not exist

Am I a heretic?

Hate, though, I see it every day

I feel it even inside of myself

It grows with pain

And pain owns this world

It’s really all it knows

Pain, sorrow, deprivation

Even the wealthy can’t ignore it

Even the righteous

You know they feel it

You even feel they deserve it

Jealousy, greed

It’s our very own personal worst enemy

I kill for a taste of popularity

I’d do anything for someone to notice me

The cruelty, my heart must be dead

To give place to this evil thing of the mind

The sin rules more than just the dead

Darkness is fear

Light is retribution, light is power

We can not overcome our senses

You foolish Christians


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