What I know for sure

-when someone says we should do lunch…   it means nothing

-when people show their true colors, believe them

– it isn’t wise to give 100 percent of your energy and your self to anyone else.  Save some secrets and take care of your own wants and needs.

– when changing a baby boy diaper. Cover his privates with a cloth diaper while wiping up a bm. If you don’t, he will urinate in your dace or on the wall etc

-do not be the first to welcome new neighbors/ instead observe their character first   Trust me on this one.   Bad experience

– when traveling, put eye make up remover on a cupcake liner and face wash on one as well   Put the liner in a plastic bag    The paper cupcake liner can be used to apply the make up remover and cleaner   Then just throw it away! It makes your travel bag lighter minus two products!

– Do not refer to clothes as cute for a girl over the age of twelve   She will suddenly not like them   If you want to her to wear something, just pretend it is the clothes you aren’t sure you like on her.  She will love those clothes   It works

-Marriage- pretend every morning you are getting ready to spend time with your ex as motivation to look your best.  It can be easy to get too comfortable and let yourself go when you are married   Bonus is when you look good you feel good

-If you have hair color stains on a bathroom white counter top, pour bleach on a paper towel and let it sit

-It prevents eye wrinkles if you wear big sunglasses 😎 always outside in the sun    Plus, always use sunblock even on your neck and chest /cleavage area   Bonus results, wear a wide rimmed hat!

– use hemorrhoid cream under your eyes / inner eye corners / outside of eyes corner at night for many beauty benefits   Bonus it is inexpensive

-If you have any natural wave to your hair, do not use a brush! It will cause frizz! Only touch your hair, if you mist it with water or leave in conditioner   If you comb it, wet your hair down first to maximize your wave pattern.  Do not use heat on your hair.   After washing and conditioning your hair, rinse and then add a light conditioner to the ear part of your hair and down    Do not rinse it.  Comb it gently   Put a silky sleep cap on your hair and let it air dry.   I know!   Amazing right!

-use fake tan lotion instead of foundation   You are welcome

-use a perioxide based mouth wash to whiten teeth   I know! It works!

– washing your hair less makes it looks better    Secret is dry shampoo at night   Remember the crown area

– If your children act up in public, sing and dance and humiliate them more    It works

-keep loud electronic toys in bag in the car just in case your child or children need to go to a emergency room    The staff and other people will be glad to get you in and out in a flash

– keep a bag of only in public toys and books for being in public and a small blanket for each child for visits to peoples homes and regular appointments

-teach your child to sew, knit and crochet during asthma treatments   They will stay calm and have a nice craft to show for it

– label everything in the house  with identification words for toddlers to learn to read

-teach children the difference between wise and foolish choices and  the consequences

-as a parent you will hear in solicited advice

pretend to consider it and say thanks for sharing

-mixing pink and red lip gloss makes a very flattering color

– hang face masks outside to dry

– wash fruits and veggies in a mix of vinegar, water and baking soda    It also cleans your rings at the same time

-sinus headache/ migraine?  Fill a sock up with dry beans or dry rice   Tie it up no twist ties (metal inside)   It is a heating pad! Use in microwave

-take supplements the same time everyday

-use the plastic plant holders that most people throw away to organize your bathroom cabinet   The 4 pack can be cut in half   The pots can be amazing for getting ready stuff and for getting ready for bed category stuff

– people like it when you ask follow up questions about what they tell you

bonus points if you remember what they told you the next time and ask about it

– the flower pot option is good for storing heat tools when you are doing the wavy / curly hair option until you decide if you like the results or not

-gargle with salt water or peroxide when you feel the start or a sore throat

-put essential oils on a cotton ball and place in flower arrangements out of pet and children’s reach

– lamp light can be cozy compared to overhead light    It is true for bathrooms; kitchens, bedrooms and living room

– fire starters  cotton ball and with vasaline or dryer lint in paper towel or toliet paper tube

-put corn starch powder on eyelashes to make cheap mascara work better as a primer

I hope that you feel content today





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