I am thinking if there is a direction I want in life. What do I want, how do I want to live my life? What is important to me?

I think, to me, my first priority is work. I want to do my job well, know my work well, put in my best given the challenges, put in time to solve the problems encountered. Whatever work encountered. Be it working relationship or work specific. Earn my money with pride. I did contribute. I think only then can I settle my own self worth. Sense of entitlement to live. In the mean time, be kind, patient and understanding.. plan well, do effectively. Live as if it matters. So work is important to me, do it well.

I know I need to find ways to recharge. Read books, reflect regularly.. For the time being, I think this sounded workable. Focus on work, be kind and reflect/read regularly.


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