When I was growing up, I had a hard time because I didn’t know what I was. I had a hard time in elementary the most. I thought I was Bi/Trans but then I thought about it more and I was Bi/Straight. Anyway, I’ll just start:

Coming out to my friends this year was super easy since they already knew I was Bi/Trans. But coming out to my mom is going to be harder because of stupid reasons. My family is really weird but my family follows this “saying” that my great, great, great, great, grandmother made up. The “saying” is really stupid and I hate it so much, I don’t really want to live in this house because it makes it harder for me to feel comfortable in the house when my family is all Straight. Anyway, the “saying” is: If you like or turn into another gender, you are basically not accepting who or what you were born. I mean yes it doesn’t make sense but ask my great, great, great, great, grandmother about it. If I told or try to tell my mom, she is going to flip out because she actually hates people who are LGBTQ (though she is LGBTQ herself…). I don’t know if I should just yet because of what state were all in right now. I just hope she can accept who I am and not diss me. I just want to be happy in my family for once without being different.



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